Dental Implants in Chandler AZ

Chandler’s Higher-Quality Dental Implants

If you have lost or damaged a tooth or teeth due to disease, injury, or otherwise, the best bet for regaining your smile is a dental implant. These implants consist of artificial roots, typically made of biocompatible titanium, that replaces a lost tooth in the jaw, allowing them to not only hold a replacement tooth, but support the jawbone and facial tissues, preventing further injury. For the very best implants in Chandler Arizona, look no further than Arizona Family Dental.

A Better Implant for a Better Smile

There are numerous benefits to obtaining a dental implant. For starters, they function just as a natural tooth would, allowing your mouth to regain its normal chewing, eating, and talking functions. A tooth replacement supported by an implant will also remain in place, and will not move or loosen. A properly installed implant will prevent bone loss, and will not damage other healthy teeth, unlike other procedures. They are also an outstanding replacement for dentures, eliminating the irritated, painful gums associated with them. All you need to do is ensure that you maintain healthy gums and bone tissue, as these implants work best with good oral hygiene.

Try Our All on 4 Implants

Of course, dental implants are also an invasive procedure. So what happens if you require the replacement of every tooth in your mouth? As it turns out, there is a procedure that can replace all of the teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth, and that is the all on 4 implant. By inserting four implants in precise locations, it is possible to replace an entire row of teeth in your mouth. This procedure functions just like a normal implant with a drastically reduced amount of implants, making it perfect for extensive dental corrections.

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Whether you are looking into a single dental implant or an all on 4 implant, turn to Chandler, AZ’s leaders of cosmetic dentistry to install it for you. You’ll have your confident smile back in no time at all.